You Know Its Summer...

When you are on the road travelling to cottages, concerts and to visit friends.  I have been spending a lot of time in the car lately and if you need to get some work done and you are driving, recording your thoughts on your phone is a great reference point.  Secondly, I think the best place to test out a new album is in the car. 

When you get to enjoy some beautiful sunsets beside the water and its still warm after the sun goes down.

When you get to celebrate the love of two people at their wedding!  This is my cousin Nicole (isn't she a Betty in her beautiful gown) married June 2, 2012.  This is Tyler and I's first wedding of six this wedding season, we are looking forward to celebrating with all our friends and family.

When you get to rock out at an outdoor concert.  This was the Trews concert in Sarnia that raised awareness for Testicular Cancer.  Check out the awareness campaign Keep The Ball Rolling

When I can sport my floppy hat and shades all day.

When we get to spend the day on the dock.

When the strawberries are ripe enough to pick and eat right from the field.  My niece Marley put more in her belly than her basket that day.