Tuesday's With Belinda

Belinda is my little (through Big Sisters of Sarnia Lambton ) and we have been getting together most Tuesday evenings for two years now.  Since the beginning of the summer we have had a little trouble making our schedules work together so we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks when we got together last night.  

I was really excited to catch up with her, find out how her school year ended and how grade 8 graduation went.  We went out for dinner so we could catch up before we went to the circus for some entertainment.

Dinner was filled with great food and conversation and the circus was so fun.  We both loved the acrobats that twirled from the metal rings hanging from the ceiling.  We agreed that it was so magical to watch them defy gravity without a net and while moving so gracefully.

As I drove home to Corunna after dropping Belinda off last night I said a little prayer of thankfulness.  I thanked the Lord for bringing this awesome little young woman into my life because she has taught me so much in our two years together.  I have learned that I need to work on my patience, crafts are a great way to de stress after a long day of work and that acting like a child and finding joy in childish things (like the circus) keeps me energized.

Thanks B for being my friend, I look forward to many future adventures with you.