A Visit With The Browns

We spent the fist part of Thanksgiving weekend in Peterborough with our Brown family.  We started our day at the Farmers market, which I was very impressed by.  There was a huge selection of fresh food, my highlight was grabbing a head of purple cauliflower.  There was entertainment and like any good farmers market delicious food to enjoy while you shop.  We grabbed some perogies which were the best I have ever tasted.

After the market we all went for lunch.  Just sitting chatting with our Brown family made me wish we lived closer and this date was one we could do every Saturday.  From the local pub we went to visit grandma.  My grandmother has Alzheimer's and she no longer remembers who we are.  One thing she does remember are her church hymns, so we sign.

My aunt Mary, aunt Ruth, uncle Roy & uncle Ian live in Peterborough and worked very hard to take care of my grandmother at home as long as they could before they required additional assistance that could only be provided by a nursing home.  I watched them with my grandma while we were visiting and they were so wonderful with her.  They new what she needed and how to best communicate with her.  They new the other residents on her floor and were kind and friendly to them.  It is sad to see my grandma different than she use to be but I find comfort in knowing that she is being given so much love and care each day.

I wish I lived closer so I could spend time with all the Browns more often.  They are loving people, with strong hearts and I am proud to call them family.

Check out some pictures from our visit.