I Am Thankful For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday for many reasons.  I love the Fall weather and colours it brings, I love the food, I love the Brigden Fair but most of all I love to spend time with my favourite people.  A lot of holidays are centred around spending time with friends and family but for me Thanksgiving seems to focus on it a little closer.  Its simply food and time around the table chatting, eating, drinking and laughing.  An extra day off during the work week never hurts in lending some extra time to catch up with people you don't regularly have an opportunity to get together with.  

This Thanksgiving was a great one and a little less hectic than last year as I was preparing for my wedding which was a week away.  It was perfect and I checked off most of the things I wanted to do during the weekend.

Some seriously needed couch time with my BFF Meg.

Ma Ash showing Marley what the Bridgen Fair is all about and uncle Ty and Marley sharing a pogo.

Grabbing some grub at the fair, this is the real reason I go.

Checking out all the animals and just enjoying time with our family.