Go With The Flow

This weekend I was in Fergus visiting my cousins, we were hosting a baby shower for my aunt.  Saturday evening after the shower, us cousins decided we wanted to get out for a bit so we headed to Guelph.  The first restaurant we went to had an hour and a half wait so last minute Ken recommended his friend's, dad's restaurant.

We headed to Manhattans, a cozy, elagent pizzeria, that happened to be hosting three comedians for a live recording on CBC radio.  There were barely 4 spots left at the bar for us, but the charismatic, welcoming host and owner made us feel right at home with the best seats in the house.

The service was excellent from start to finish, the pizza was fresh and delicious and the combination of wine and live comedy made for a perfect Saturday evening.  This comedy show was my first but I have a new appreciation for this form of entertainment and am already planning the next show I will see.

The whole point of my little story here, is that the whole evening was kind of a wonderful fluke.  We were all feeling up for anything and because we were willing to "go with the flow" we got something amazing. Emily, Nicole, Ken and I, made some great memories together on Saturday night and it was because we were open to the possibilities of a good time.  "Going with the flow" is something I have been working on for awhile now, when you trust that you are where you need to be at all times, and allow yourself to relish in it, amazing things can happen.  Open your heart and let yourself be!