Keep It Simple But Make It Interesting

I am the Sales Manager at CCI Studios and much of my job requires me to communicate.  I communicate face to face, over the phone, email and social platforms.  Sometimes I walk away from my day wondering if I shared what I was trying to say in an interesting effective way?  Are people understanding my message and is it enjoyable to listen to?

I am particularly questioning myself today because I have been to multiple networking events presenting my "30 second commercial" and sending out quite a few introduction emails.  These are the tasks that consumed all my days when I first started working at CCI, now that I have clients to manage my time is split between various tasks and I am feeling as though my info sharing is a little on the rusty side.  

This being said, I think these questions are something I will always consider, not only for my clients sake but also for my own, as I want to continue to grow and keep things fresh.

I need to be sure the info I share is clear enough for someone who has no familiarity with our industry to understand and for a connection or emotion to be present, I need to be able to do this in an interesting engaging manner.

I think of the above quote by Albert Einstein when I consider how to present my message, about the products and services we offer at CCI Studios.  I am confident that the more I learn about my industry the easier becomes for me to explain it and how it can benefit a business, but I wonder if my approach to simplicity is causing my information to be a snore for the person on the receiving end.

Now, to find the balance between sharing information simply and making it interesting.  I tell each of our sales people that their personalities are very important to their roles within our company and because of our variety in people, we will have the capacity to attract a variety of customers.

I think its time for me to remember my own advice and inject my corporate communication with a little Audrey storytelling flare because it has been lacking a little lately.

Time to take my story telling to the masses, I will let you know how it goes.