Yesterday morning I woke up to a windy, cool and crisp day, I think it is officially autumn.  Fall is my favourite season, it energizes me and gives me a sense that I have opportunities to start something new and fresh or refine something I am already working on.

I like the felling of being cozy in my house, cooking comfort foods like soups and casseroles.  The rejuvenating feeling that comes with the change of any season is what is so great about living in Ontario, I think the only season I would adjust is winter, by making it a little bit shorter.

The old saying of "the older you get the faster time passes" is holding true for me and every time I am presented with another fall season I think to myself, "make sure you make the most of it".  Here are a few things on my to do list for this year:

Attend the Brigden Fair
Attend a new fall fair
Pick pumpkins from a patch
Make a couple Halloween costume for Tyler and I
Cook some new and old comfort food recipes

What do you like to do during autumn?