Lessons Learned In The Storm

This week has been a little bit of a bumpy ride for me.  There was not one specific thing that was making me feel sad or frustrated but just multiple small things.  I don't like feeling uneasy or restless or out of sorts, but this week was just that.  I am learning to deal with these times in my life better than I use to and even though I didn't enjoy the past week, I feel like I have come out of it with some tools to deal with the next time a few wrenches get thrown my way.

1) I am learning to, not only pray and lean on God for everything, but also to leave the worry with Him and open my heart and mind to the path I need to take, to meet Him where He needs me to be.

2) I take time to do things that make me feel good about myself.  Right now yoga is bringing me a lot of peace and joy so I have made an effort to fit it in everyday.

3) I talk to one friend about the problem or my feelings, consider there opinion and then move on.  I find that getting the thoughts out of my head and sharing them with a best friend is very therapeutic, even if my friend can not offer advice its just nice to have someone listen to you.  Once it has been shared though, there is no need to talk to another person about it and rehash all the bad feelings again, I believe that repeatedly talking about my problems, just makes me feel worse.

4) I let myself roll with the punches, if I am exhausted from thinking about it, I rest.  I also try to have fun, when my mind is wrapped up in something that is causing a lot of thought, I often just stay in and hide from the world.  But getting out and having fun is a good break from my thought and offers me clarity or a new perspective on the issue.

5) The storm will pass.  All rough patches in life will pass and they happen for a reason.  I think the important part is to take away the lessons learned and look at it as an experience on my life's journey.