A Letter To Our Baby About Pethernation

Baby, you are already so loved by so many people.  We are so lucky to have an amazing family surrounding us as we prepare for your arrival.  You are going to have lots of people around you to play with you, teach you things and take care of you.  I specifically want to share some details with you about the Pether's.

The Pether's are a special breed of characters, we have even been told this by those who have married into our family, they call us Pethernation.  We take this name and use it with pride, knowing we are  part of a group of people that are unique and only being a part of our family, truly allows you to understand what we are all about.  Adding you to our family grows Pethernation even bigger and you can find comfort in the fact that these Pether's are not just family, they are also great friends.  I want to let you know some things about this side of our family that will help you get to know them better.

Great Grandpa is the head of the family, don't ever try to tell him he's wrong or put him in his place because he's bigger than you, which always makes him right.  He has a soft side and shows it once and awhile, but you have to keep your eyes open for it.  When we visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house, if you need anything, ask Grandma and remember she's the fun one.

We are a little tough on the outside but we all have our soft sides.  Your Grandma is the exception to this rule, she is a big softy.

Don't expect anyone to let you win at cards or any other games because you are young.  That's not how we roll and it wouldn't help you get better at those game anyways.

There are some family members that you will never get to meet, Grandma Glena and Uncle Terry.  They were special pieces of the family and we remember them in the everyday and at moments when we are all together.  They would have thought you were pretty great and they now watch over us all. 

Your Great Aunts and Uncles might be kinda old, but I know for a fact they were young and cool once.  Make sure you spend some time getting to know them.  Aunt Tanya even had purple hair at one point!

My cousins and my sisters are some of my best friends! They will love you like Aunts and Uncles and will always be there for you.  Kenneth is the biggest softy of this group, be prepared that he will try to protect you and keep you safe. 

We are an imperfect bunch but we love each other and always know how to make our own fun so I can promise you, you have some exciting times ahead as part of Pethernation.  Tell people you are part of this group with pride.