Maternity Fashion 25 to 30 Weeks

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and it feels good to say there are only 10 weeks left (hopefully).  Somehow this seems like a milestone, I am almost there.  I am feeling very blessed these days for how well my pregnancy has gone and how my belly/baby continues to grow.  While part of me does not love getting bigger, I know my baby is growing well and I am reminded often of its growing strength, as I feel its movements everyday.

While I am still enjoying getting dressed in the morning, I am beginning to gravitate towards more comfortable clothing options - thank goodness for leggings, dresses and cute flats!  My shoe of choice for casual dressing are my Toms, they are so comfy and go with so much.  When choosing a shoe with height, I have been going for wedges.

I am really enjoying sharing some of my favourite pregnancy looks but its not all glamorous.  When I am home for the day I really like to be comfy and often change into sweats, with limited items that fit, I have been steeling some of Tyler's clothes too.  These few outfits are some of my favourite from the last few weeks.  Thanks again for coming along on this journey with me.