Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of our friends, it was the first wedding we have been to this year and it was beautiful!  The couple looked so happy, their family and friends were gushing with joy for them and everyone had a great time.

After marrying Tyler, I have a new appreciation for weddings and how special they are to the couple because I have experienced my own.  I love attending weddings with Tyler even more now that we are married, they remind me of our own wedding day and the excitement we felt when we said our vows.

Fast forward two and a half years and we are a married couple with a baby on the way.  Since our wedding, I would say expecting a child is the largest milestone we have experienced as a couple.  We have grown our friendship and made some great memories in those first years of our marriage and I would say we have been blessed to not face any really challenging or tuff situations.

As we prepare for the arrival of our first child, the communication skills within our marriage have been tested more than ever.  We are working through varying opinions about parenting tactics and trying to work as a team on tasks that need to be completed, before the baby arrives.

If I am completely honest, sometimes I wish I could be the boss of our household, unfortunately marriage does not work like that.  Marriage is a partnership with compromise, patience and time spent working through problems.  I am learning that what is urgent to me is not always as urgent to Tyler and that we both have different needs.

While being pregnant has put Tyler and I into an entirely new phase of life and it has its ups and downs, I am grateful for all of the experiences we share, the lessons we learn and the way our marriage grows as we work through things together.  I have no doubt that parenthood will be a whole new ball game for us as a couple and individuals but I know that if we can be patient with each other, than all of these new life experiences will simply bring us closer.

We are no experts on marriage so I would love to hear from you.  What are some lessons about marriage or rules you have for making yours work?