My Journey From Lent

During lent, I worked towards spending more time studying the Bible, in prayer and listing for God's guidance.  While I am still working towards spending time with God everyday, during Lent I realized that studying the Bible and working on my prayers really allows me to have a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of how to live my life well.  I have developed a few habits and discovered some tools that make this journey more valuable and efficient.

First, I found that the mornings were the best part of the day for me to spend time with God.  I feel like when I start my day with Bible study and prayer, I am energized and armed with the tools I need to face any situation that particular day may throw my way.

Secondly, I have started to write out my prayers which gives them more focus.  Sometimes when I pray I feel a little all over the place but writing them out first and then repeating them, gives them more meaning.

While I know God does not require my prayers to be perfect, I do want to make sure that I am getting the most of my time with Him and that I am prepared for any lessons He may offer me that day.

Thirdly, I have some excellent easy to use tools that make it simple for me to integrate my learning into my everyday life.  I have a few apps on my iPhone and iPad that I really enjoy.  My bible app is by YouVersion and offers reading plans that provide me with push notifications as well as a daily Bible verse.  This app has also recently made upgrades to provide the option of interacting with other users but I have not explored that yet.

I also love the teachings of Joyce Meyer.  Her app provides me with an option to read a daily devotional or watch a 1/2 hour episode of her teaching.  Her devotionals are simple to read, understand and apply to my life.  Her video lessons are charismatic, also easy to understand and she is always right to the point.

The Bible can sometimes be a daunting thing for me to contemplate reading, where do I start?  Having these resources that guide me through the Bible, really make my study more enjoyable and effective.

Lastly, writing out my thoughts on a Bible verse I have read, provides me with an opportunity to sort out my thoughts and really consider how it apply's to everyday life.  I think this process is better preparing me for being able to speak about God and His word, if the opportunity arises.  Sometimes I think I understand the lessons I have received but when I need to share them with someone else, I do not speak as eloquently as I had hoped and wonder if the message I am trying to pass along has been lost.

Next on my list of to do's, is to find a Bible study group.  I know our walk in faith is one that is unique and individual but God does not intend for us to go it alone.  We need people around us who can offer community and a place where we can converse about what we have learned and questions we have.

To wrap up my ramble, I have enjoyed my journey from Lent, learning more about God and His will for my life.  If you seek God he will always reveal himself to you, if you make time for him he will listen and if you work on living your life as he would have you, you will experience greater joy, peace and understanding.  Enjoy the journey and everything it has to offer.