My Husband Is Awesome

You always hear so much about what a woman goes through during pregnancy as she prepares to become a mother.  (Maybe I just don't hear much of the mans perspective because all my close friends are women.) During my pregnancy I started to consider what Tyler was going through.  His life had not changed as much as mine had yet but I wondered if it would be an even larger adjustment for him because I had nine months of a changing body and lifestyle, to adjust to what parenthood might be like, but for him it would be sudden.

During pregnancy he got our home ready for our baby, supported his emotionally unstable and hormonal wife, stayed focused at work and still managed to make jokes to make me laugh when I wasn't feeling like myself.  We talked about our excitements and fears of becoming parents but he really was my rock through this entire phase.  (Don't misunderstand, there were moments of tension and fighting too.)

I am grateful for my husband, his work ethics and for the way he balances me out - he is more "go with the flow" and I am more "everything needs to be scheduled".  Our differences are what makes us work and what makes us not always agree on everything.  At the end of the day I feel safe knowing we are tackling this whole new chapter of life as parents together.

As an additional note, I wanted to share these thoughts because I thought Tyler deserved some praise.  Our relationship is not perfect but when we do get under each others skin my ability to focus on his great parts and reminding myself that I am not perfect, allows me to navigate situations with a calmer head. 

Today is Ty's birthday, Happy Birthday to my amazing guy!