Luke - 2 Months Old

Luke, your dad and I are enjoying watching you grow, you are a happy baby and a pleasure to be around.  Your second month has been packed with lots of fun activities and milestones.  This month we went on a few road trips and you celebrated two of your first holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Everywhere we go you are getting tons of love from your family members, you love to snuggle and are laid back with everyone.

One very exciting milestone that you hit this week was beginning to sleep through the night.  You have been a pretty good sleeper from the beginning but we are so grateful that you have started to sleep for 8 hours or more, at a time.  As I mentioned, you are a very snuggly baby and your dad and I agree that when you fall asleep on us, it is the best feeling ever!

You have started to have some pretty big smiles this month too, probably because your sleeping so well ;) and maybe even a few little laughs.  The word "moo" is a sure way to make you smile. 

You like music and when I sing to you, and your also reacting more to your toys.  It's been a good month!  As we get into November I am excited to start sharing Christmas traditions with you and create new ones too! 

Please stay as sweet as you are today, forever!

xoxo Mom