I have been blogging for about three years now and I love this creative outlet more today than I did when I started.  I find so much freedom in putting my thoughts down and sharing them with the world.  I have also discovered some amazing bloggers who tell stories about their own lives and experiences in a way that I can relate too, which makes me feel connected to these people that I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to meet.

I started blogging because I was trying to sort out the thoughts inside my head and writing them down really helped.  Then I decided to share these thoughts because of the positive experience I had when reading other blogs.  Having the ability to relate to a bloggers situation gave me comfort knowing I wasn't alone in my feelings and opinions.  So I thought, maybe I can offer someone else this same comfort by sharing my story.

I believe that we have the ability to create amazing connections with others if we simply remove the fear that they may judge us.  Life is not a stream of perfect instagram photos, its messy, disappointing, exciting, hopeful and so much more and for me to feel truly connected with someone, I want to see all of their sides, not just the pretty ones.  And for me to acquire the trust of someone else, I also need to be willing to show all my sides, to me this is the equation to a real relationship.

Social media presents us with the opportunity to connect with people all over the world who share similar interests as we do.  By using social media as a two way communication tool, I have connected with graphic designers in LA, Yoga Teachers that travel the world and regular girls like me who have the same interests as I do.

I blog because it provides me with a creative outlet and a way to share my life with anyone who is interested in taking part in the conversation because I want to connect with people.