My First Baby, My Fur Baby

I always grew up having a dog so when Tyler and I bought our house 7 years ago, I started talking about getting a puppy.  To me, a house just didn't feel like a home until we had a dog.  Tyler finally caved and we went to the pet store to pick out a dog.  I was looking at some pure bread pugs and then Tyler picked Charlie out of the cage, handed him to me and said, "this guy is our dog".  The woman at the store said he looked like a Charlie and we had already been thinking about that name, so we took it as a sign and named him Charlie on the spot. 

Charlie was a very small puppy, just a few pounds when we brought him home so for the first couple weeks we could literally take him everywhere in my purse.  We felt so bad when we had to leave this little thing in a big crate while we were at work all day, we just wanted him with us the rest of the time.  Needless to say, he had us wrapped around his little paw from day one. 

Charlie is spoiled but having him as our first baby taught us a few lessons about discipline that we intend to not let slide with our first born child.  I know that having a puppy and baby is not the same thing but I feel like I have gained some real perspective on parenting from my years with Charlie.

Through my pregnancy he really has been a best friend and a huge support.  There where days where I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and he was right there with me.  He has walked with me, gained weight with me and as we get closer to delivery, he has become very protective.  I have no doubt he knows something big is coming and he has been ready, each day for the last month.

I do think bringing home the baby will be an adjustment for our fur baby but I think he is going to do great.  I am grateful to have him around the house with me during this time and I am so excited to take him and baby for walks together.  Charlie is also my running partner and I am really looking forward to getting our pace back once this baby arrives, I figure by Christmas we will both have our running stride and post pregnancy weight in check.  I loved Charlie so much before I got pregnant but I have a whole new appreciation for him after we have been through this time together.