Guest Blogger - CHARLIE

It's been awhile since my last post on mom's blog, I was busy preparing for the arrival of my little brother and for the last 7 weeks have been helping mom and dad take care of him. 

The summer was pretty great, I spent a lot of time helping dad finish the basement and walking and snuggling with mom.  Mom and dad told me that things were going to change when my brother arrived but I could have never imagined how much. 

First, I think he is pretty awesome and I know we are going to be good friends.  One of the things I love about kids is they always drop food on the floor, so far Luke has only puked up some formula but that actually tastes pretty good.  Right now Luke is really good at snuggling, while I am not snuggling with mom and dad alone anymore, they both are spending a lot more time than usual, at home, which I really love. 

I have also noticed mom isn't going to work right now.  I tried to tell her I could take care of Luke if she wanted to go back but she has decided to stick around so I will enjoy the extra company. 

I would have to say my least favourite thing about Luke is the noise he makes in the middle of the night, it wakes me up and I am just not use to having my sleep interrupted.  I am just praying that this doesn't last long. 

It's an adjustment being a big brother but I love that little guy and will always have his back. I am extra cautious about anyone who comes to the house now, I bark extra loud to make sure mom and dad know someone is here and keep a look out when we are on walks.  Luke's just a little guy and I am here to take care of him. 

I don't love sharing mom and dad but I feel this instinct inside of me like I was always meant to take care of Luke.  I love you brother even despite your stinky smell.