Kale Soup


When the weather gets cold and the sky turns grey, I like to make food that warms my belly and soul.  For me, soup is a go to dish that does just that. While I am a fan of cracking a can of Campbell's, nothing beats homemade soup.  

This week I have been enjoying kale soup and I have shared the recipe below.  My sister in law Ashley, is a whiz in the kitchen.  She has been making some mean soup recipes in big batches then feeling them in muffin tins, popping out the cubes once frozen and storing them in big ziplock bags.  I am totally stealing this freezing strategy from her and stocking my freezer with tons of soup for easy lunches and dinners. 


Happy soup making! 

1 big bunch of kale
1 box chicken stock (you could substitute vegatable stock) 
2 tablespoons of green curry paste 
2 cans of coconut milk 
1Head of garlic cloves 

Wash kale 
Rip leaves from stems 
Peel garlic 
Throw all the ingredients in a pot 
Add a dash of salt and pepper and simmer covered for 2 hours 
Blend with an immersion blender until smooth and enjoy! 

Makes 10 servings