Maternity Leave Adventures - Christmas Cookies

On Monday we baked Christmas cookies and holiday treats all day, just three moms (me, Ashley and Randi) and our three babies.  We balanced mixing with feedings, timers with nap times and icing with meltdowns, it was seriously the funnest day I have had in a long time. 

The best part about the day was all of us being together, working on a project.  I love being with these girls and their babies, and I have no doubt that the kids will be great friends one day too. 

The three of us get together at least once a week. We attend circle time at the library, take the babies to the pool, drink gut wrenching amounts of coffee and make eachother lunch, most of all we are there for eachother during happy and tough mommy moments. 

I am working on a series of posts I will share here about my emtional highs and lows of motherhood so far, but I will admit I have lots, and without these ladies to talk to and spend time with, I would be lost.  We listen to eachother, support eachother and best of all, relate to eachother. It's a comforting feeling to know your not alone in a difficult time and an exciting feeling to be able share your joy with someone who is at the same place in life.  I have always loved sharing honestly with friends because of the connection that can be forged from relating to others, this is the very reason I started blogging. When I became a mother, the need to relate to other moms was even greater. It's a whole new world, this motherhood thing, and I needed to know my baby wasn't broken and that I wasn't crazy and my mom friends give me that piece of mind and comfort. 

I am soaking up where we are at right now and know we will be fine as we move forward because we have each other. 

As I hand out the Christmas treats to my neighbours and enjoy some of them myself, I count the blessing of these women in my life and the time we have right now to ease into motherhood together and enjoy some things we may not otherwise have time to enjoy. 

Here are some of the recipes for the treats we made if you want to give them a go, most were Pinterest wins!  I hope you are enjoying your time leading up to Christmas. 

Sugar Cookies - Craftiness Is Not Optional 

Scor Bark - Foodie Isms 

Oreo Truffles - Budget Savvy Diva

Peanut Butter Balls - Mommy Octopus