I have to admit, when it comes to the holidays, I am a little like Clark Griswold.  I believe that I can create Christmas traditions and memories that are right from a Christmas movie.  Christmas Vacation is my favourite Christmas movie because it's like real life, we make beautiful plans and then things get a little messy, crazy and family doesn't always get along.  All of the unexpected moments are what really create the best memories though, we may not laugh in the midst of the caos but it will become a story that is cherished forever. 

In the spirit of "fun, old fashion family Christmas's" Tyler and I started a Christmas tradition two years ago, we go to Sloan's Christmas Tree Farm  to cut down our tree. 

This year was extra special because it was Luke's first time and we had a group of friends and family with us.  The day was great, we made lunch on the bonfire, rode the train, decorated cookies, went for a hay ride through the farm and of course, picked out the most perfect Christmas tree.  

I would love to hear some of your Christmas traditions, funny holiday stories and how you and your family are getting in the holiday spirit.