Luke - 3 Months Old

Month three has been a fun one, I feel like we have a good little groove going! 

You hate tummy time but we are working on placing you in different spots and positions, for short periods of time so you can build shoulder strength.

Your dad and I love you more and more everyday. It's getting harder to leave you with babysitters as you get bigger.  This being said, you have some amazing family members that love to hang out with you so that makes it easier on us.

You are so peaceful when you sleep, your dad and I peek in on you before we go to bed and tell each other how blessed we are to have you.

You have started to hold onto some of your toys, if we put them in your hand. It's really cool to watch you develop.

You made strange with your first person this month, Aunt Meg, I am guessing its because of her crazy curly hair.

Sometimes you would rather listen to me talk then play on your discovery mat so you spend a lot of time in your baby chair with me around the house, I just explain to you what I am doing and your a happy camper.  Because you like the sound of my voice I will read you whatever I am reading, like Food & Drink Magazine. 

You also love it when I sing to you, right now we are singing a ton of Christmas songs! 

When you wake up in the morning you are so happy, after your first bottle we have great chats on the couch while I drink my coffee, it's my favourite time of day with you, a relaxing, slow and happy start to the day. 

You were a little sick today with your first cold and not really into a photo shoot but with a little singing you let me snap a few quick shots. 

Looking forward to the next day with you Luky and all the little adventures that come our way.