Gratitude Monday - Everyday Extraordinary

Baby Photo Shoot 
Lights On The Ice Rink 
I hope you had a good weekend and took time to enjoy what makes you happy.  We had a great weekend in little Corunna town enjoying time with Luke, celebrating my moms birthday, drinking coffee (I drink it everyday but it tastes better on the weekend), visits with friends and family, eating treats, feeding my soul at church, sharing church with my niece and ice skating on our backyard rink under some Christmas lights.

Do you ever feel so blessed your afraid something bad might happen?  This happens to me sometimes but I am working on it.  I suffer from anxiety but I have developed some tools that help me to live a happy healthy life.  One thing I have learned from my anxiety and fear is that on the other side of it, I find gratitude.  Sometimes I am afraid of loosing things or people, through prayer and the Lords Word, I am slowly learning to leave my fears at God's feet and then be grateful for what I do have in place of worrying about what I may loose.  This has taught me to find true joy and contentment in many of the daily, ordinary happenings. 

I believe that my ordinary everyday can be extraordinary and I am loving every moment of this adventure called life.

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Happy Heather

The View From My Fall 

Chocolate & Reading In Bed

Grandpa Brown & Luke

Granny Brown & Luke

What are you grateful for today?