TGIF folks! It's the weekend woohoo! Sure, I don't work 9 - 5 but I still love the weekend because it means:

1. Dad is around more during the day! 

2. I get to stay up late! 

3. We get to eat big breakfasts! 

4. I normally get to fit in a Saturday morning yoga class! 

5. We get to go to church! 

And the list goes on and on. I try to make lists for each day and this weekend I would like to spend a little couch time reading some new blogs I discovered this week.  If you have a chance, maybe check them out too. 

Bella The Blog

I will also be hunting for baby food recipes and pinning them here because I think Luke is ready to start trying real food, I am so excited for this.

I will also be hunting on Pinterest for some lunch box inspiration and pinning my finds here.  Tyler is getting sick of sandwiches and I don't blame him so its time to get creative and rock his lunch box!

I would love to hear if there is anything you will be checking out online this weekend or if you have any ideas for my pin boards.

Happy weekend friends!