Happy Four Month Birthday Luke!  Here are some awesome moments from the last month.

This month you had your first real giggle. Charlie was running around on the floor being a little crazy because he hadn't been walked for a few days and you thought it was so funny.  Your dad and I were both there to see it.

Your getting better at tummy time.  

You met Santa and you loved him!

You were officially sick this month for the first time with a bad cold and fever.  I was a little scared at first but your happy demeanour through it all, let me know that you would be just fine.

You enjoyed your first Christmas and were officially spoiled with love and gifts.

You love chewing on your hands right now, I am not sure if you are teething quite yet but I think this phase is on its way.

We call you Lukey, I don't think I have mentioned that yet.  It was very natural for this to be your nick name.  Everyone calls you Lukey as soon as they meet you, even the people who don't know that  is what your family and friends call you.

A few mornings ago you woke up chatting and just didn't stop making noise.  I think you get your chattiness from me and your dad, we are not quiet people so why would we expect you to be.

Keep the good times rolling little man.

Love your mom,