Since becoming a mom, I am so much more into the holidays, even silly holidays like Valentines Day.  I wanted to capture some love in a little Lukey photo shoot, here is how I put it all together and some of the end results.  I think I got some cute shots and we had a blast creating this little love scene, Luke is a natural!

What You Need

Valentine coloured construction paper


Glue gun and glue


Sticky tack

Props, pillows and blankets of your choice

A lamp without the shade

A large piece of bristol board

Tin foil

A camera or camera phone (I used my iPhone 5C)

A blank wall


Cut hearts in your construction paper, all different shapes and sizes.  I folded my paper in half because thats the easiest way to create symmetrical hearts.

Create a line of glue with your hot glue gun, at the top of the heart on one side, then place your yarn on the hot glue.  Be careful, I have had a few run ins with the hot glue gun.

Continue to glue your hearts to the yarn in no particular order, randomly overlapping the hearts as you go.  You are welcome to create a pattern but I like the whimsy that is created when there is no pattern.

Once your heart garlands are the desired length, hang them by placing sticky tack on the back of the hearts on each end, pressing the ends to the wall and allowing them to swoop in the middle.  Start with the bottom garland and then place the other two above and slightly out to either side.  When you have the garlands where you want them, secure them to the wall with a little more sticky tack on the back of a few hearts throughout each strand.

Place your props where you think you would like them and snap a couple pictures to make sure everything fits in your frame well.

To create your photo lamp, fold your bristol board in half and stand it up lengthwise.  Drape tin foil over the inside of your standing "card" ensuring the shiniest side is facing out.

Remove the shade from your lamp and set the lamp and bristol board up so the tin foil is reflecting the light into your photo booth.

When your ready to do your shoot, place your lamp a few feet from your subject and then have fun trying different poses, angles and trying to get your little cutie to crack a smile.

Happy Valentines Day!