Thinking About Lent

As I made my first coffee this morning I thought, "Fat Tyesday must be coming up soon and that means Lent as well, what should I give up?"  I also thought, "I can't wait to eat pancakes for dinner on Fat Tuesday."

As the Keurig finished brewing my coffee, God spoke to me, "Heather, you should give up caffeine."  

The internal dialogue continued, "But God, coffee makes me a better mother, more ambitious and excited."  God replied, "Heather, if you are relying on coffee to get you through the day, it would be good for you to take a break from it."  I left the coffee maker thinking, "Ok God, I will think about it." 

I went on with my day and proceeded to drink two more coffees.  While having lunch with friends, I overreacted to something someone said and left the lunch feeling embarrassed.  I blame my overreaction on my caffeine high and as I got in my car I thought, "Ok God, you are right, this coffee thing is getting out of hand and I need a break." 

So, I plan on giving up my beloved coffee for lent beginning on Wednesday Feb 18, a week from today.  Wish me luck friends.  I am sure God has a plan for this journey and there will definitely be some extra praying going on around here.

Do you have any plans for Fat Tuesday and Lent?  I would love to hear them here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram