Parenthood gets more enjoyable as the days go on.  Yesterday Luke turned 5 months old and the newborn that use to sleep all day, still sleeps really great but is much more active when he is awake. 

Luke, some of your current hobbies are: 

Blowing bubbles with your tongue sticking out.  You do this so often I fear this is how you think we humans communicate.

Flapping your arms like a bird. 

Chewing on anything you can bring to your mouth, including your hands. 

Drooling, you still don't have any teeth but you definitely have the drool. 

Rolling over, you did this for the first time on Feb 3, one day before your 5 month birthday.  It was pretty awesome to watch you hit this milestone.  Now your a rolling machine. 

I think we are lucky to have cousin Blaine two months ahead of you to show us what is coming up next.  From what I can tell, things are going to keep getting busier and busier but that just means more fun!

Your dad and I love you to the moon and back!