Weekends are the best!  Last week on Thursday night, I told Ty, "we need some family time just the three of us".  The past few weekends Tyler and I have been having fun with our individual activities but we have totally been tag teaming with Luke.  I am so glad we both have our own interests but it doesn't give us that focused family time that is also very important.  Saturday was all about our little family.

We went grocery shopping together which I love because Tyler stops me from buying the same things and he always puts more treats in the cart than I do.   

After shopping we went to lunch at Bains BBQ and it was so delicious.  We will definitely be going back, our meals were great and as other customers food came out, I thought "I want to try that and that and that too", so we have to go back. 

For dinner we had breakfast, pancakes and sausage, breakfast for dinner is so fun, it makes me feel like a kid.  After Luke was down for the night, me and Ty had a skate date in the back yard.

On Sunday Marley, my mom and I went to church.  Marley has been coming with me because she really likes Sunday school and then I have been bringing her back to my house for the afternoon.  I love having her at my house and so does Luke.  We ended the day at our friends Super Bowl party but Luke didn't make it to the game, he wasn't really into the party and was asleep by 6pm (he goes to bed early and wakes early but I love his routine).  I am not really into sports but I love the food at a Super bowl party (big surprise) and I like the half time show.  I thought Katy Perry's show was great, what did you think?

Today I am grateful for family time, puppet shows, Super Bowl parties and delicious food!  What are you grateful for?