Gratitude Monday - I Am Grateful For What I Have

This weekend I reorganized my vanity, it has been driving me crazy lately.  Every time I sit down to blow dry my hair or do my makeup I think "this needs to be cleaned up!"  So I cleaned it up, I washed my brushes, I sorted all of my hair tools and I went through my makeup and discarded old items that I never use.

I wanted everything to be organized in the draws and easily accessible, you know, just how the bathroom drawers look in an IKEA commercial but without ordering a bunch of organizers. I put on my creative cap as I sorted all my items and organized them neatly with things I already had around the house.

I used shot glasses to separate bobby pins, tiny clips and perfume sample jars. I used a small Tupperware container for hair elastics and repurposed cardboard boxes for miscellaneous hair accessories and sunglasses. I even cleaned one of my body butter containers and used it as a tray for my sponges, the lid acts as the tray for sponges in use and the jar is the spot for new/clean sponges.

Organizing in general allows me to think more clearly and feel refreshed. What I really noticed after organizing my vanity though was how grateful I was for all the things I did have.  I always feel like I never have any bobby pins but after separating them, I realized I have plenty.  It also made my stuff feel like new somehow and I was so excited to get ready the next day in my reworked space. 

For me, taking pride in what I have is a great way to stay aware of my many blessings.