Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries - A Day In The Life

I am very excited to submit my entry for a chance to be a Sakura Bloom Sling Diarist Volume VI! I first learned about Sakura Bloom from the beautiful diary entries of Haley over at LIFE IS SWEET. I loved the perspective she shared with her daughter while wearing her and knew I needed one when I had my own child. My Sakura Bloom Sling was the first item I purchased for Luke and I when I was six months pregnant and I received another as a gift from my coworkers (I raved about the product and the diary entries at the office.) I keep one in my car and one in the house and have enjoyed the freedom the slings give me, to complete everyday tasks while involving Luke. The topic of the casting entries is 'A Day In The Life'. Here is my story:

Some of my days are slow and simple and some of my days are busy and filled with family, friends and fun activities. At the core of all my days, I am learning how to be Luke's mom and everything that comes with this new role.

The mornings are my favourite part of the day, especially when I have a few quiet moments to myself. I am trying to dedicate the first few moments of each day to God. I have never relied on God more than I do right now and as a result, I am expereincing so much peace, joy, truth and love. Luke is very content and happy in the morning so as I brew my coffee and make his bottle, I have a little chat with God. God and I talk about everything and I pray that He watches over our family as they go about their days. When I first go into Luke's room, he is so happy and excited we have a big hug and talk about the dreams we had the night before.

Luke has gone through a few routines so far and every time I have one figured out and start to enjoy the flow of those days, he switches things up. I am learning that being Luke's mom means that I need to be flexible.

Some days, we have activities planned like swimming, story time at the library and circle time at the local drop in centre. I love taking Luke to these activities, watching him develop and interact with other children is such a joy. 

I am learning that being Luke's mom means that I need to introduce him to new things and pay attantion to what he likes and doesn't like, so I can encourage him to go after the things he is passionate about, as he gets older.

Some days we don't have anything planned and we stay around the house, do chores and go for walks. While these are simple things, completing them with Luke turns them into a brand new experience if I think "how can I make this fun for him and include him in what I am doing?" 

I am learning that being Luke's mom means even the ordinary activities can be extraordinary.

Luke goes to bed fairly early in the evening so when dad gets home from work he takes over with Luke's bath and bedtime routine. This gives me time to spend alone doing a few chores or writing a blog post. I am grateful for the time I get to spend alone with my thoughts. I like to remember the parts of my days I am proud of and consider the parts I need to improve on for the next day. 

I am learning that being Luke's mom means that I need time to be with my thoughts. 

My husband and I eat dinner late after Luke goes to bed, this routine will probably change eventually but I really love the time we get alone to talk about our days. I feel like this time in the evening is Gods little gift to us, to help us ease into parenthood by still allowing us this consistent time alone together. 

I am learning that being Luke's mom means that I need to make time for my husband and put my marriage at the top of my priority list.

I am learning that there is something new to learn with each new day on this motherhood journey and I am thinking this will never change. Even though some days may feel repetitive, they are never really the same. There will always be something new to explore and discover. At a glance my days may seem simple but in the grand scheme, each day is a very special day with new lessons, experiences and memories to be made.