Last week I was feeling a little stressed at times, it was a busy week and I didn't take much time to slow down and reflect, which I know leaves me feeling frazzled. In addition, Luke was a little off as well, he was having a hard time going to bed and would only let me be the one to tuck him in.

Finally on Saturday, I started to slow down and think about why Luke had been acting a little different. I realized that he was simply feeding off my emotions. I had been buzzing around all week and even though Luke is with me all day, we hadn't had as many quiet snuggly moments as we usually do.

After realizing this, I felt bad for Luke. He was trying to tell me all week "hey mom, lets just chill for a few moments and everything will be ok". It only took me 7 days to get the hint but I got it.

I will never be the perfect mother or completely avoid ever feeling stressed again but I will remember the lesson I learned this week, I set the tone for this household and Luke will learn to handle himself in situations from watching Tyler and I. I already knew this but sometimes it takes me getting smacked in the head with the concept, to learn the lesson.

Today I am grateful for the lessons I learn when I do slow down and reflect.