For the first few months of motherhood, I used a regular diaper bag and stored my phone, wallet and keys in the front pocket. When I went out without Luke, I would simply remove my items from the pockets and carry them around, which was extremely inconvenient. If I was at the grocery store I would try and set them in the front of the cart while I shopped but they just fell through the cart. If I was shopping, I just had piles of items in my hands and pockets while browsing racks, also not great.

I knew there had to be a better solution for transitioning my bag, from my time out with Luke to my time out alone. I also hated flipping back and forth from the diaper bag to a purse because I ended up having purses all over my house and random items in all my purses.

I heard about a trick for organizing baby items in diaper bags by putting everything into separate ziplock bags. So, I put 6 diapers, an outfit, some bibs, and a few miscellaneous items, all in separate ziplock bags. This made it easy to remove all Luke's essentials from the bag when I went out alone.

I hunted for the perfect bag, it needed to be big enough to hold everything, zipper shut, easy to carry and fashionable. Finally I came across a fabulous brown leather backpack at one of my favourite Sarnia stores, Shoes @ 144 Front. I had actually wanted a backpack purse for awhile now and loved the idea of this style for a diaper bag.

So far this bag is the best diaper bag I have used and it looks great, bonus! One of the things I like most about it, is it can be worn when I have Luke in his sling. It was always a little challenging to stick my debit card and phone in the sling along with Luke, because I was unable to wear the bag and sling at the same time. The backpack is the perfect solution to carrying all my essentials while wearing Luke in the sling.

If you are ever on the hunt for a great purse, amazing shoes, wallets, socks and outstanding customer service, you need to visit Shoes @ 144 Front, its worth a trip downtown.