Volume Three

The last few weeks have been busy. I have not been making enough time for myself to hit my yoga mat to stretch, pray and reflect. As a result I have not been sleeping great and worrying more. Due to my lack of sleep I have been napping when Luke naps, which is when I normally do yoga, you can see the unhealthy cycle that is beginning.

My time on my yoga mat is my time with God in prayer and reflection. I have The Bible App by YouVersion which sends me a bible verse to read each day (If you follow me on Instagram you know I like to share some of the verses that I have been meditating on) and then during my yoga practice, I meditate on that message. Sometimes it doesn't speak to me but most of the time I learn something. I walk away from my mat feeling lighter, happier and closer to God.

Yoga is what works for me when it comes to prayer, maybe its because I love to move. For others it might just be reading the bible while drinking your morning coffee. Whatever it is, in my experience, this time with God is invaluable to my ability to live a life of purpose, moving in the direction God wants me to go.

And so I circle back to the beginning of my story when I mentioned my busyness. I believe in God and I believe in the enemy (the devil). The enemy knows that when I spend time with God, I become more powerful against his temptation so he wants to do anything he can to take that time away from me. In my situation I believe the devil has been trying to fill me with fear in the early morning hours, robbing me of sleep and as a result, robbing me of my time with God on my yoga mat.

Taking proper care of myself impacts those I care for. I am leading a family and I can not do it without God. It may sound extreme but its also a reminder that I really do need to put God first before anything else in my life. This could mean making time for Him before my family but I know I will be better for everyone in my life because of it.