I Am Employed By The Kingdom Of God

Now I am an entrepreneur. Yikes, that's a lot of pressure. Pressure to create recognition for myself, pressure to draw in clients and pressure to make my own income. I have had a few moments this week where I find myself spinning my wheels, worried if I can really make this stuff happen. Then I take a step back and remember the reason I have chosen this new career path:

1. I feel this is Gods will for my life. 
2. To focus more on caring for my family. 
3. To financially contribute to our household. 

I believe this is the order of importance for the reasons I am currently taking the steps I am taking. Yet, it's easy for me to worry and forget, that The Lord said he would take care of me, if I follow His lead. As I read some scripture this morning I was reminded that desiring earthly things, like money, won't get me anywhere but focusing on what God wants me to do and where he wants me to spend my time, is the only way I will run a successful business. 

It kind of struck me like a lightening bolt "I am not working for me, I am working for God, He is the boss and He is in control." I have heard this kinda of statement before but it really sunk in today. 

For me, this realization means that sometimes it might be more important for me to read the Bible, pray and meditate, over spending time promoting my business. 

So I am kind of an entrepreneur but I am more like an employee of The Kingdom of God.