Last week I had some of my girlfriends over for an old school girls night; makeovers, junk food, movies and chit chat. I had so much fun! I wanted to try out some of my new makeup and create some looks that had been swirling around in my head, and my girls were awesome enough to be my models!

We use to have nights like this almost every weekend, but everyone is a little bit more busy these days so when we do get together, we really make that time count. 

We were pretty silly when we were little, fashion shows and photoshoots were a regular part of our sleepovers. So, once everyone's makeup was complete and I had a chance to capture some professional shots of my work, it made perfect sense to do a girlfriend photoshoot.

Oh man, we had so much fun with the camera, we joked that if we had a camera like this when we were kids, this is pretty much what we would have been doing, all the time.

My relationships with these girls have gone through ebbs and flows as we grow up, begin careers, start families and move to new cities. I am really glad that regardless of the highs and lows, we are able to come back to where we started and just be silly girls. 

I am super grateful for these ladies, we all come from the same place and its comforting to share that bond with someone. I love my Camlachie girls to the moon and back!!!

P.S. I made the bow garland in the background based on a pattern I found online, check it out here.