This week I had the opportunity to play around with some makeup from Arbonne. I am always trying new products so that my makeup kit is stocked with the best makeup I can get my hands on. This video takes you through my initial impression of some Arbonne makeup and also offers some tips for the look I created. I liked the makeup and will be purchasing some to add to my kit. Specifically, I was very impressed with the pigment of all the Arbonne makeup I had the opportunity to try out.

In addition to testing out some Arbonne products, I also tested the the new Caryl Baker Visage Eye Prime. This was an excellent primer and assisted in my eyeshadow staying exactly in place, all day long. If you are creating a defined eye look and want your shadow colour to really show up, I would recommend this product.

All in all, my makeup stayed on really well all day and it felt great as I went about my Saturday afternoon activities. Having makeup on my face that I don't have to think about is something that is very important to me.

I hope you enjoy this video and maybe check out some Arbonne products for yourself.