Its summer! I have a feeling this is going to be the best summer ever.


I love seeing your little chubby feet and toes.

I love your little body in just a diaper.

I love the smell of sunscreen all over you.

I love how you look kinda sweaty when you wake up from your naps.

Summertime you, is my favourite you so far.

You are crawling and pulling yourself up on everything.

You are now at the point in your crawling phase, where I think you are starting to get frustrated again because your ready for the next thing, walking.

You learn something new everyday.

You give kisses, oh man, I just wanna kiss you all day! Your kisses are open mouth kisses like a baby bird and its just the best thing ever.

You like adventures and being outside.

You also like quiet time and you really like to sleep in your own bed.

You are particular and laid back at the same time.

You like food but you change your mind about what you like, from meal to meal.

You had a big face plant this month and cut your lip with your tooth. You cried pretty hard but when I take you to the window to look outside, it always helps you to calm down.

You have been to the beach and tasted sand, something tells me you will eat a lot of that this summer.

Things keep getting better and better, don't ever stop or slow down, I promise, I can keep up.

Love your mom.