In the summer I feel like more of a free spirit and my makeup and clothing reflects that. I got together with my friends Meg & Cass, to shoot some makeup looks, inspired by summer music festivals. I always say, there are no rules when it comes to makeup, just techniques and trends. Below I have listed some of the trends I have featured in these looks. I hope these images inspire you to try something new with your look, for your next summer event.

Featured Trends

Matte Lip Colour
Matte lips are super on trend. Turn your favourite glossy colours into matte, by dusting them with translucent powder.

False Lashes
There are so many false lashes to choose from, for these looks I chose very dramatic lashes. These are a fun way to add drama to your look and bring more attention to your eyes.

Smokey Eyes
A smokey eye is fashionable all year round. This time of year, it can be dark or it can be more subtle, by creating the look with flesh tones as I did in the image below. The key is, to apply the colour all the way around the eye using a smudging technique.

Exaggerated Lip Lines
I think we need to thank the Kardashians for bringing this trend back from the 90's. The modern take on this look, has the lip liner and lip colour blended beautifully, leaving you with full lips that make people wonder, if you had some work done. (Nope, your just super skilled with that pencil:)

Decorative Makeup
This is especially fun for events. I smeared coloured shadow powder, in different places on these ladies faces, to add whimsy to their makeup. To enhance the colour, I placed gems along the smear lines. This look is playful and free.

Let your spirit run free
Try something new
Fill your heart with love 
And seek joy in all you do
xoxo Audrey

You can view my makeup artistry portfolio here.

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