Random Things That Make Me Think Of My Dad

Isn't it funny how certain things, sounds, smells or foods can trigger a memory? Here are some things that always make me think of my dad.

The sound of a baseball game on the radio - this sound brings me back to hot summer nights in the car on road trips. The windows would be down and we would be travelling to or from a family vacation. Everyone would be asleep and dad would be listening the Blue Jays on the radio.

Toast cut up into "soldiers" - this was something that my dad always did for me and my sisters when he made us breakfast or breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner - my dad isn't much of a cook (sorry dad its the truth) but he does make a mean breakfast for dinner. Having breakfast for dinner is always so fun to me, it feels like your breaking the rules and it always makes me think of my dad.

A really good commercial or movie that surprisingly makes me cry - I haven't seen my dad cry on too many occasions but when he does, you know its for something good. Like a movie you didn't think would get you to tear up or me and my sisters performing in a play.

Soccer - my dad is a huge soccer fan!!! He hangs flags around the house, inside and out, when his favourite teams are playing. If the game is on, everything else can wait.

Fishing - when I was young my dad was a hard core fisherman. He would boil fish eggs and stink up our house, store those fish eggs in old margarine containers in the fridge and get up super early so he could get a few hours of fishing in, before the work day.

Hard work - my dad is one of the hardest working people I know. He pours himself into his work and anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with him, would tell you that he is a great guy to work with.

My people skills - sorry mom but I think I got my smooth talking abilities from dad.

Dad, thanks for everything you do for our family, all the cool memories you created with us, all the awesome memories that we are creating right now and for being your goofy self, even when it was embarrassing.

I love you!