I have been heading to the beach as much as possible on these hot summer days. Its my first summer with a baby and while going to the beach is a little more work that what I am use to, its so much sweeter. Last week while we were at the beach, Karli and I marvelled at the beauty thats just a 15 minute drive from our front step. I am grateful for our beaches and the summer sun and how sweet the summer is because I get to experience all four seasons.

I grew up on the beach, my summers were made up of bathing suits, bare feet and swims after every meal. It is so awesome, to now share this with Luke and know that he will have is own special memories with the beach. 

Just being near the water makes me feel at ease, even if I am checking on Luke every two seconds to make sure he isn't eating a rock, there is no other place I would rather be, than near the water on a hot summer day. 

I hope your summer is going great and you can make it to the water this weekend.