I have always had a strong inner voice that lets me know when I have done something wrong. When I was a kid, I would admit to my mom, if I had done something I knew I shouldn't have, because the guilt was too much to bare. I use to think of this trait as a burden but as an adult, I am grateful for the guidance of my conscience.

I don't get it right all the time, I mess up everyday but as soon as I do or at least shortly after, I am made aware of my mistake. I now know, this is the Holy Spirit working in my life. It doesn't feel good to know I messed up or to admit when I was wrong but if I didn't know I was wrong, I would not be able to grow and improve.

Recently I have been learning about how to better control what I say so that my words can do more good than bad. I recently told a story that I shouldn't have told and the words were actually challenging for me to share. I went against what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me not to do and before the words were even out of my mouth, I knew I had done something wrong.

You don't know something until you know something but once you do, you are never the same.

I am grateful for my inner voice, that lets me know when I should have known better.

What are you grateful for? I would love to know.