This week we went to Port Elgin to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Pether, me Luke and my mom. Luke was there when he was 2 months old, but this trip would be different because it is summer and he is doing so much more.

I have so many great childhood memories of Port Elgin as a child and with my grandparents. To me, Port Elgin is a place that allowed me freedom, adventure and time with my family. My grandpaents home is a special place for me too, it has this smell that brings back memories of Christmas with my cousins in a heart beat. I remember coming home from trips to their house and my pillow would smell like their home. I didn't want my mom to wash it because I loved the feeling that smell gave me.

The beach and Port Elgin harbour has so many fun memories too! Me and my cousins would swim and play in the sand, play put put golf, ride the train and eat ice cream while we walk among the boats in the marina.

It has been a few years since I have been to the beach in Port Elgin. As we walked around with Luke, I was so excited to share my special place with him and help him create some amazing memories of his own.

As a mom now, I get to visit my childhood through Luke. The experiences we share will leave him with different memories but sharing things from my childhood with him, will give us a deeper connection.

I have always loved adventure and have always seen the beauty in the small things but the world is so much brighter because of Luke, and it is so fun to share adventures with him. Our adventures are simple, like splashing in the waves, exploring a new park and getting silly in the car to make the ride more fun, but their our adventures and I hope these experiences help him to always enjoy the small things, that this beautiful life has to offer.

I hope your weekend is filled with childhood wonder and some simple adventures that leave you with special memories.

Happy long weekend friends!