I didn't feel sappy about Luke growing, until this 11 month mark. I am just amazed at how much Luke has changed in 1 year. Everyone tells me to enjoy every moment I can with him and honestly, I really am trying to do that and having a blast along the way.

Luke, here are some things about you right now.

You really love your dad. If he is home, you want him.

You really like me too and are feeling pretty tight with me and dad these days.

You make a loud grunt yelling noise and bang on stuff, we are pretty sure you picked this up from Grandpa Brown.

You say dada and mama and you are trying to say other words by repeating what your dad and I say.

You can climb up stairs and you can almost climb down stairs without any help.

I think by the time you are 1 year old, you will be able to walk, your getting so close.

You love music.

You are a great dancer.

You are back to snuggling a little before bed in the rocking chair, dad and I are both loving it.

You love the water! You kick your feet and splash your arms around when we help you swim. When you go to the splash pad you run right through the water fountains.

You are a sweet happy guy and we love you.

your mom