Come As You Are With What You Have - Little Drummer Boy

We borrowed a board book from the Library with the lyrics for Little Drummer Boy that has beautiful illustrations and I have been singing the song to Luke every morning before I pull him out of bed. You know when you know the words to something, you sing them and they don't really register because you have said them or heard them so many times before, today they registered while I sang.

I am always trying to wrap my head around The Christmas Story of Jesus birth but there is so much to comprehend. God has been breaking it down for me in little pieces this year. The more I seek to learn about The Christmas Story, the more I begin to understand the many facets of this amazing event. The Little Drummer Boy song is where I learned a little lesson today.  

God loves me and you just as we are, in such an amazing way that He sent His Son to earth to save us, to teach us, to walk as one of us, understanding the hurt we experience in our sometimes scary world. God didn't have any conditions for sending His Son, He sent Jesus for me, an imperfect sinner.

The Little Drummer Boy wanted to meet Jesus but he didn't feel worthy as all he could bring was himself and a song on his drum. He went anyways, playing his song and it made the baby smile. You and I have been given so many unique gifts from God, gifts that we can use right now to be a blessing to someone. We were created with a purpose. My life mission is to find out what my purpose is and live it out, its a pretty exciting adventure even if its in the smallest of tasks. 

I use to go through phases of my life where I would mess up and then stay away from God because I felt so bad and unworthy to speak to Him and be in His presence. What I learned from The Little Drummer boy is that I can come to God and bring Him just me and whatever I have at this very moment and it will please Him because our Heavenly Father just wants us to be with Him. We are His children, don't you just want to be with your children no matter what?! Its the same with God and us.

This Christmas I invite you to be unafraid of what you have to offer our King, just come and bring what you have and maybe thats just yourself in gratitude of the amazing gift we have been given in Jesus! 

Merry Christmas