My sister is a dance teacher and works with children that are at the age where they begin to question if Santa is real and over the past month she began to get the questions, “Is Santa real?” and “Do you believe in Santa?” My sister then asked me how I would respond to these questions and I told her.

I believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus. I believe in encouraging my children to let their imagination run free. I believe in excitement over something you can only see in your mind and I believe in the pure anticipation of Christmas eve and sparkling joy of Christmas morning. All of these things can only come from a belief in something you can not see.

There is a fabulous quote from one of my favourite Christmas Movies, ‘The Santa Clause’; “Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing”. Believing in something good that I am unable to see has only ever kept the Christmas magic and my general faith in good, alive and I believe that is at the root of my inner child. 

As I get older and experience disappointment and the everyday challenges of life, I have become at times a little less willing to trust and be hopeful. At Christmas time I am reminded of the strong ability that I once had to believe in something I had never seen with unfaltering excitement. We do live in a world that can be scary and at times when people are asking where is the good, I want to respond hopefully that there is good in our world, even if we can't see it. When we believe in the magic of Christmas, the good in our world and let our minds be joyful over something we can't see, we become that joy and beacons of hope ourselves, we become the actuality of what we hope for and therefore bring hope to those around us. 

Now that our family has young children, Christmas has become about the magic again. Parents, grandparents aunts and uncles are excited to once again experience Christmas through a child’s perspective and we are taken back to our own childhood memories.  We revisit our favourite movies, traditions and memories and work on creating unique memories for the little ones in our lives. Children are happy to believe in something they can not see and that is inspiring to me. I will always come to Christmas like a child, believing in something I can not see and having faith that the magic of Christmas is real. I believe that if we have faith in the good we will be filled hope, which will breed positivity, something our world can never have enough of. 

I believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus, do you?