Its holiday time and just like you make everything in life more awesome, you made Christmas more awesome Luke!

Whenever you see Santa or something Christmassy you say HoHo.

You love doing yoga.

You love doing somersaults and you did one by yourself a few weeks ago week.

You are talking more and more everyday, trying to say everything that dad and I say.

You are very smart and we are so proud of you.

Your voice gets extra sweet when you say bubba.

Your affectionate, you will randomly come up and give me a hug. That is the best feeling in the world.

You like hockey and you yell GOAL whenever you see hockey sticks, a game on tv or anything hockey related.

One of your favourite words is 'more'.

You do this funny monkey walk that makes everyone laugh.

You love tangerines, sometimes you can eat four at a time.

Your dad is your hero, when I go in your room in the morning the first thing you say is 'dada'.

You make the everyday tasks, extraordinary.

You know how to take a selfie and you say 'cheese' while you hold the phone to face you.

Your awesome and happy and I hope you know how much you are loved and how great your worth is. You are special, created with a purpose by your Heavenly Father and your dad and I are here to help you live out that purpose.

I am excited to see what tomorrows adventure holds.

your mom