Today was just a regular Monday but it was such a great day. All we did was go to Story Time at the Library in the morning and then were around the house the rest of the day. Tyler worked late so it was  literally Luke and I all day.

Last week was a long week, as I mentioned in some previous posts I was feeling out of sorts but just like that, I have my groove back. Some days are easy and some days are hard, I think thats true for any job. It was true for me when I was in the working world and it is true for me in mommy world. I try very hard to stay calm and ride out the tough days still trying to find joy in the little things. I loved all the little things today and wanted to record a few here because these are the memories I want to keep of this special time with Luke.

I had a mother revelation when I was dressing him this morning, "if I let him help, he won't fight so much". It was true, he didn't fight so much and just like that we move on to a new level.

Luke is learning to play more on his own which makes it easy for me to do a quick task. Doing little things here and there throughout the day helps me to be more focused on Luke when I do get down on the floor and play with him.

Luke will bring me books to read to him and then sit in my lap, we read a lot today.

When Luke wants some food he makes the mmmmmm sound while standing very close to you. He tried my hot chocolate today and loved it. I will now be sharing my hot chocolates with Luke.

Luke ate soap in the shower tonight and was not so happy with the taste. I started to smell his soapy breath and make a silly face and he laughed off the situation. It was fun and his breath really did smell like soap.

I live in Canada, winters are long, cold and grey but I decided last winter that I was going to embrace this season. I am ok with the slow moving days, staying cozy, gaining some weight and just relishing in this time in my life. With any new season or change in my life it takes me time to find my rhythm but I always enjoy the journey. I am excited about the winter days ahead!