Tyler went back to work this week after being off for an extra long Christmas break. Luke and I both loved having him home. This week has been an adjustment for us while we find our groove again with just the two of us throughout the day. Luke and I have both been sick this week so we haven't got out that much. I have had some blue moments but we are getting through it and our health is on the mend. I took a quick time out for myself to get creative with my lips and filmed this little makeup tutorial. For me, creating is therapy.

I have never done a lip look like this before and I normally don't apply this many products to my lips but I wanted to give it a try. I used black eyeliner to achieve the dramatic and exaggerated outline for my lips and then went lighter with each product from there. I loved the way this look turned out. Tyler on the other hand doesn't care for lip products on me because he doesn't like getting the product on him when he kisses me.

These lips are one of the styles I save for girls nights out, along with my high waisted pants;) There are just some things guys will never understand.

Have a great weekend and always have fun with your makeup, I try to!