I hope you had an amazing Christmas, New Year and soaked up all the special moments the holiday season has to offer. I love everything about Christmas but as I looked through our Christmas photos last night, I realized its all the little moments that happen in between the big ones that are dearest to my heart. Here are some fun photos and a little recap of my favourite moments for our holidays.

Christmas Book Advent

We counted down the days of December by reading a Christmas book every night before bed. Tyler and I agree this will be a tradition we continue for years to come. The family time together at the end of the day was priceless, in a season that becomes consumed with tasks this activity forced us to carve out family time each day. We read books about winter, Santa and Baby Jesus, I loved the mix of books offering a variety of topics surrounding the Christmas season. 

This advent was in partnership with The Sarnia Bookkeeper a book store located in Sarnia offering a wide variety of Childrens books to adult books and beyond. You can shop in store or from their website and you can connect with them on their Facebook page too.

Around The House

I love spending time around the house and cherish those days between Christmas and New Years when there isn't much to do except play with our new toys, watch movies, eat and snuggle. 

Out and About

When we do have to leave the house, it is always an adventure but especially at Christmas time. There are so many more exciting things to explore and discover its never a dull moment. Anytime of the year, doing the most simple everyday tasks with Luke is an extraordinary feat as I experience the world through his eyes but the magic of Christmas brings everything into a new exciting light! 

Family Time 

Sometimes I wonder what we would do without the holidays reminding us we need to spend time with our families. Sure, its not always fun loading up a car for a big day trip but the time spent with family is priceless and when I just chill out and enjoy the people around me some pretty funny stuff happens, like my Grandpa and I snapping together on SnapChat! (check out the video below)

Light Show

I love Christmas lights, they are definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas! They bring a special cozy holiday magic to my home and Christmas cheer to everyone driving by homes that are decorated in the seasons colours. Christmas lights take effort to put up and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who puts in the work to decorate their homes and our city parks, to bring joy to our communities at Christmas.  

I am so grateful for the joy Christmas brings me every year. I will hold this years memories close and wait with anticipation for next Christmas!