Through Luke's Eyes - London Children's Museum Giveaway

Last weekend we went to the London Children's Museum, it was the second time for Luke and I but the first time for Ty. I do my best to get Luke and I out to experience adventures at places like the London Children's Museum and I love to experience new things through Luke's eyes. I always fill Tyler in on our adventures and take lots of pictures so he can see what we are up to during the week but its awesome to be able to experience these excursions as a family as well.

The last time we were at the LCM Luke couldn't walk yet and while our Adventure Day was a great experience I knew the museum would be an entirely new place for him to explore this time around. Luke loves to take part in the everyday activities around the house and so much of the LCM makes the everyday life accessible at the level of a child, to make it their own and let their imagination run free.

In addition to the imagination play, the museum offers spaces where children can run around. Winter has fully arrived and its nice to have indoor places to burn off some energy. Luke has recently discovered the joy of the slide so we spent a lot of time taking him down the tree house slide, which dad and I enjoyed too! Check out this quick video, Luke does the cutest dance at the end!

One thing that isn't pictured here is the star show we enjoyed. You enter a round room (the space ship) count down for blast off as the lights go down, then the stars are cast onto the ceiling and you are told stories about the different constellations. Luke was a little hesitant about the dark but he enjoyed it after we reassured him a few times that mom and dad were right there with him.

The London Children's Museum offers something for a range of age groups so I know we have many years of fun at this spot ahead of us. I think as Luke grows there will be new things to discover and Tyler and I will continue to see things through a fresh perspective. On our drive home we both agreed how cool it is to be parents and experience things through Luke's eyes. It is our blessing to be able to help him learn and grow.

I am excited to be able to send a few of you to the London Children's Museum as well, all you have to do is share this post on the social platform of your choice from the share buttons below and tag me. You can also connect with me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Contest closes at midnight on Sunday January 10 and you must be a resident of Ontario to be eligible. There are two family passes (two adults and up to 4 kids valued $50 each) up for grabs. I look forward to connecting with all of you.

Weekend wishes friends!